Freelance website designer

I am a freelance website designer and online marketer for small businesses.

Freelance website designer


Facts about me

My heart is in the French Alps.

I would go anywhere for snow.

I love yoga, trail running and mountain biking.

I knit.

I travelled for 5 years, whilst working on websites.

I was a retained fire fighter for 5 years.

I am probably addicted to learning new things about the web.

My name is Kelly Drewett. I started my web design company on my mum’s computer at 19. I have been trading as Kaydee Web ever since.

I am a freelance website designer for small businesses, you can find out more about me on my website.

I love to travel. I help businesses with their web presence, wherever they are in the world.

I am a huge geek. I love my job. If I can help with anything ‘webbie’, I will.

That does not mean I fix computers 😉

Freelance website designer skills

As an expert WordPress developer I can provide a custom website for your company.

I can maintain your website or I can train you to update WordPress in house.

I help your business with online marketing.

I bridge the gap between websites, search engines and social media.

Don’t lose me now!

Please do connect with me on one of the mediums below. I always like a chat or an exchange of ideas.

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Thanks for visiting, I'm Kelly

I am a freelance website designer. I help small businesses in online marketing.

On my blog I bring simplified guidance and online tutorials in websites, blogging, search engines and social media.

I love the internet, and want to help businesses create websites that work hard.

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Visit my website to find out how I can help with website design and online marketing for your business.

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